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What are Kreuzfix Spacers?

  • Intersection spacer
  • Labour saving
  • Large contact surface on the reinforcement
  • Small contact surface on the formworks
  • Aesthetically superior concrete finish

The Kreuzfix spacer is a newly developed wet-cast concrete spacer with a design and technology that is applicable for a wide range of reinforced concrete structures, in place of almost any other commercially available spacer.

Like other CONAC spacers, Kreuzfix is able to tolerate high loads (compressive strength exceeding 65MPa) and may be used for both horizontal and vertical reinforcements. They are also suitable for exposed aggregate applications. They are engineered to meet concrete covering requirements very effectively, preventing corrosion and crack formation. They are suitable for vertical, as well as horizontal application.

Ideally suitable for:

  • Reinforced concrete construction applications with particularly stringent requirements in terms of concrete covering
  • Vertical, as well as horizontal reinforcement
  • Conventional tunnel engineering
  • Tunnel engineering using tube segments
  • Suitable for tunnel beam segments
  • Suitable for bridge beams
  • Centrifugal concrete techniques
  • Precast concrete

Like other CONAC spacers, Kreuzfix spacers are composed of a high-strength concrete mix that creates homogeneity and good bonding with in-situ concrete, preventing weakness points.

The Kreuzfix is pyramid-shaped with a diagonal groove along its base, a design which is unique in the market. It contains two spring steel clips, allowing it to be quickly installed at the crossover junctions of reinforcements (custom wires also available).

The Kreuzfix is available with a 12mm diagonal groove width. The diagonal groove provides a large surface area for contact with the reinforcement. This ensures that the Kreuzfix spacer is always attached to the reinforcement, irrespective of whether the outer reinforcing rod is horizontal or vertical, so it is superior to most other spacers for use on vertical surfaces, where connection problems may arise.

Where there are stringent concrete covering requirements, effects such as twisting or breaking need to be eliminated or reduced to a minimum. The groove of the Kreuzfix spacer prevents torsion and overturning when installed in the crossover region of the reinforcement.

In use, the apex of the pyramid-shape results points towards the outer formwork, meaning there is only a very small footprint with no risk of the spacer falling out and minimal opportunity for penetration by corrosive substances. The small contact surfaces with the formwork, also result in an aesthetically superior concrete finish.


  • Absolutely safe against twisting or overturning through diagonal groove
  • Labour-saving installation with 2 spring steel clips
  • Large contact surface on the reinforcement
  • Small contact surface on the formworks
  • Aesthetically superior concrete finish
  • High loading capability
  • One Kreuzfix replaces multiple spacers
  • No longitudinal cuts within the concrete covering
  • One Kreuzfix replaces welding/wiretying of intersection

Compliance Standards

Kreuzfix Concrete Spacers comply with the AS:NZS 2425:2015 Standard with a 300kg rating.

The spacers fulfill the requirements of all exposure classes. Our concrete mix is tested by a NATA laboratory on a regular basis to check for:

  • Strength
  • Sorptivity
  • Chloride Permeability (RCPT)
  • Volume of Permeable Voids (VPV)

As such CONAC BRICK Concrete Spacers comply with all required state government road and bridge requirements across Australia.

Certificates of compliance of the concrete mix and product are available on request.

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Part Number Cover (mm) Material Min Bar Size (mm) Max Bar Size (mm) Strength Rating (kg) Style
35KR12.35 35 Concrete 10 12 300 Single
35KR12.40 40 Concrete 10 12 300 Single
35KR12.45 45 Concrete 10 12 300 Single
35KR12.50 50 Concrete 10 12 300 Single
35KR12.55 55 Concrete 10 12 300 Single
35KR12.70 70 Concrete 10 12 300 Single
35KR12.75 75 Concrete 10 12 300 Single

35KR12.35, 35KR12.40, 35KR12.45, 35KR12.50, 35KR12.55, 35KR12.70, 35KR12.75

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